Full Screen Gallery

This is an example of what a gallery post looks like. It adds a full-screen slideshow at the top of your site. You can have text, call to action button, custom colors or just leave it blank. It’s all up to you.

The slides are set up in the „slides“ section of the site and organized into groups. You then pick a group for your gallery and that’s it. Pretty simple. And, the results are truly spectacular.

If you wanted, you can even have a gallery of videos for your slides. That’s another option. Lots of flexibility built in here.

4 Comments On “Full Screen Gallery”

  1. Hello Bill,

    I wanted to take the time out to say, „thank you for making such great themes.“ You are truly gifted my friend, and I’d love to tell about why I chose the Elite theme. However, I’m afraid time isn’t on my side right now. I will tell you that I’ve been searching and searching until your theme spoke to me. I truly believe I was sent to yours because instantly it spoke to me and I knew this was the one. So thank you again my friend. God Bless!



  2. Nice theme, before buying I’d like to ask something: The picture upload for the Slideshow / Slides … Can I upload may be 20 pics together and they are automatic in the slide? Kind regards Dietrich


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